What Is Short Term Health Insurance?

Is This Health Plan Right For You?

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How Does Private Insurance Work?

Health insurance offered by a private entity instead of a government agency is referred to as private health insurance. Brokers and companies can both be classified as insurance companies. Medical care, including the most basic treatments, can be very expensive, so not having insurance is a big risk.

How Do HMOs, PPOs, POSs, And EPOs Differ?

There are many variations in health insurance plans. Each should be carefully reviewed when it comes to the needs of your team. Especially if people just need basic medical care, an HMO or EPO insurance policy may be a good option for you and your employees.

What Is The Process For Paying For Medical Services?

A health insurance plan covers certain healthcare services and treatments, and it details how much it'll pay for each service and how much you'll be responsible for. If you have a managed care plan, which most Americans do, your plan will also tell you which healthcare providers and facilities are in your network.